Vote Yes on Prop CC20191005211602

Vote Yes on Prop CC

Loretta JusticeOctober 5, 20190 comments
Vote Yes on Prop CCJoin fellow Coloradans who support increased investments for Colorado. Share This Post ...
Boulder Valley School Board Election20191005205831

Boulder Valley School Board Election

Loretta JusticeOctober 5, 20190 comments
Boulder Valley School Board ElectionBoulder Valley Education Association endorses candidates for the 2019-2020 school board election.Share This Post ...
State Board Denies Ascent Charter School Appeal20190215093055

State Board Denies Ascent Charter School Appeal

Loretta JusticeFebruary 15, 20190 comments
State Board Denies Ascent Charter School AppealState board denies Ascent charter school appeal of BVSD decisionAuthor: John Bear from Daily Camera - F...
Denver Educators Strike Ends20190215091701

Denver Educators Strike Ends

Loretta JusticeFebruary 15, 20190 comments
Denver Educators Strike EndsDenver Educators Reach Historic Agreement with DPS, End StrikeFebruary 14, 2019Photo sent from CEADENVER – Today, the D...
Denver Teachers Strike: Day 120190211084838

Denver Teachers Strike: Day 1

Loretta JusticeFebruary 11, 20190 comments
Denver Teachers Strike: Day 1Denver teachers strike: Day 1According to the district, 2,169 teachers have walked off the job as of 8:15 a.m. Some stude...
Denver Teachers Ready to Strike20190207124331

Denver Teachers Ready to Strike

Loretta JusticeFebruary 7, 20190 comments
Denver Teachers Ready to StrikeDenver teachers set to strike over pay dispute after Gov. Polis declines to step inBy Melanie Asmar, Erica Meltzer with...
Impact Awards and Events20181219121718

Impact Awards and Events

Loretta JusticeDecember 19, 20180 comments
Impact Awards and EventsDecember 19, 2018Happy Holidays! We hope you enjoy a restful and relaxing winter break. We are so proud of the work we accompl...
Teaching Degree20181212175909

Teaching Degree

Loretta JusticeDecember 12, 20180 comments
Teaching DegreeYour Guide to Teaching Degrees in Colorado!TEACHING DEGREEAs you know, teaching requirements vary by state, which can confuse students ...
New Poll Shows A73 Passing20181022154854

New Poll Shows A73 Passing

Loretta JusticeOctober 22, 20180 comments
New Poll Shows A73 PassingGreat Schools Thriving Communities October 1, 2018Amie Baca-Oehlert pointed out that today’s Denver Post had some very exc...
CEA President on CBS420181018201011

CEA President on CBS4

Loretta JusticeOctober 18, 20180 comments
CEA President on CBS4Great Schools Thriving Communities October 1, 2018CEA President on CBS4Describing our April Capitol rallies a “watershed moment...