Teaching Degree20181212175909

Teaching Degree

Loretta JusticeDecember 12, 20180 comments
Teaching DegreeYour Guide to Teaching Degrees in Colorado!TEACHING DEGREEAs you know, teaching requirements vary by state, which can confuse students ...
New Poll Shows A73 Passing20181022154854

New Poll Shows A73 Passing

Loretta JusticeOctober 22, 20180 comments
New Poll Shows A73 PassingGreat Schools Thriving Communities October 1, 2018Amie Baca-Oehlert pointed out that today’s Denver Post had some very exc...
CEA President on CBS420181018201011

CEA President on CBS4

Loretta JusticeOctober 18, 20180 comments
CEA President on CBS4Great Schools Thriving Communities October 1, 2018CEA President on CBS4Describing our April Capitol rallies a “watershed moment...
Election 2018 Ballots20181017185133

Election 2018 Ballots

Loretta JusticeOctober 17, 20180 comments
Election 2018 BallotsGreat Schools Thriving Communities October 1, 20182018 Election Ballots Are OutElection 2018 ballots must be returned in the mail...
RED for ED20181008000558

RED for ED

Loretta JusticeOctober 8, 20180 comments
RED for EDGreat Schools Thriving Communities October 1, 2018RED FOR ED IS ON WEDNESDAYSWhen we think about the promise of education today, we see the ...
Vote Yes on Amendment 7320181007233833

Vote Yes on Amendment 73

Loretta JusticeOctober 7, 20180 comments
Vote Yes on Amendment 73Great Schools Thriving Communities October 1, 2018OUR VISIONEvery student has the opportunity to reach his or her full potenti...
DAY OF ACTION20181005201918


Loretta JusticeOctober 5, 20180 comments
DAY OF ACTIONTakin' it to the Streets, October 5, 2018Teachers and community members throughout Colorado picketed on main streets wearing their #RedFo...
INVEST in ED20181004235239


Loretta JusticeOctober 4, 20180 comments
INVEST in EDGreat Schools Thriving Communities October 1, 2018INVEST IN ED IS ON TUESDAYSThe politicians who got us into this mess will do anything to...
A Conversation with Jared Polis20180929170601

A Conversation with Jared Polis

adminSeptember 29, 20180 comments
A Conversation with Jared PolisCEA Journal August 31, 2018Pictured above by Polis for ColoradoThe Colorado Education Association has recommended U.S. ...
Mi Mama, Alicia Sanchez20180802173211

Mi Mama, Alicia Sanchez

adminAugust 2, 20181 comment
Mi Mama, Alicia Sanchezby jrussell on Thu, 03/08/2018 - 9:45amMi Mama, Alicia Sanchez is a bilingual Spanish and English book that tells the tale of A...