Who is BVEA?


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The Boulder Valley Education Association is the exclusive representative for Unit B licensed staff of the Boulder Valley School District. BVEA members represent their colleagues in collaborative policy and program efforts with the BVSD administration and the Board of Education, during contract negotiations, as we advocate for our profession and promote quality public education to give students the schools they deserve.


A great public school for every student.


To empower our members to advocate for our profession and collectively promote great public schools.



BVEA Executive Board Officers

Patty Delgado
BVEA President
David Stewart
BVEA Vice-President
Ben Johnson
BVEA Treasurer
Lisa O’Brien
BVEA Secretary

BVEA Executive Board Members

Area Network

Courtney Ferguson
Elementary School
Katie David
Middle School
Libby Black
High School

Area Network

Lori Hattendorf
Elementary School
Chris Congedo
Middle School
Anne Millar
High School

Area Network

Hilary Barthel
Elementary School
Ben Johnson
Middle School
Stephanie Smith
High School
Judy Stone
PK-8 Schools

BVEA Associate and Professional Staff

Loretta Justice
Office Manager
John Whetzel
UniServ Director
Eric Herold
UniServ Director

Our Purpose

Section 1.
To promote within the membership the highest standards of professional practice; to encourage active participation of all educators in the solution of educational challenges; to urge every member of the profession to be a dedicated student of education; and to promote a high standard of professional ethics.

Section 2.
To encourage and maintain high qualifications for entrance into the education profession to promote educator participation in school leadership; and to aid in securing and maintaining adequate salaries, job security, sound retirement systems, pro-public education legislation, and other improvements which will enable educators to function properly as a vital force in the progress of education. Participation in the activities and legislative programs of the state and national associations will be continuing programs.

Section 3.
To cooperate with parent-teacher associations and other community organizations having educational objectives.

Section 4.
To embolden teachers to exercise their rights and privileges as citizens and to willingly accept leadership in civic affairs in order to promote public education and the well-being of the educational community.

Statement of Support: Black Lives Matters (BLM)

Since its inception, our society’s long historical development has been marked with racial injustice. The inhumane treatment of people like George Floyd, Elijah McClain, and Breonna Taylor and the just public outcry and protest to these injustices have forced open a national and international debate on racial justice.

As teachers we are role models to all our students, regardless of race. To demonstrate that we value all our students, we must

  • Educate ourselves, our students, and communities about racial injustice. 
  • Bring an anti-racist lens to our education policy and practices and make our district, schools and classrooms safe spaces for dialogue on issues of race and racial injustice. 
  • Regard silence in the face of racism as a signal of complicity. 
  • Advocate that district leadership support its faculty when demonstrating a commitment to racial justice and making all learning environments safe, welcoming and inclusive.


Labor unions play a unique role in bringing together workers of different races over matters of economic injustice and dignity. We, the Boulder Valley Education Association,

  • Commit to educating ourselves about racism and racial injustices and to bringing a critical lens to BVEA’s policies and practices. 
  • We are open to discussions about race, and we will listen to our diverse members as we work for dignity and justice. 
  • We are proactive about diversity in leadership and staff to create spaces for new voices from diverse perspectives. We will put resources behind members’ development.

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